Mr.Blackburnís Math Class

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Assignments will be given after notes and guided practice is completed. Students will have a portion of the class to work on this assignment, and whatever is not finished will be completed before the next class period at the beginning of class. Students will often be given 1-2 thought-provoking questions for homework to be turned in with their assignment. Papers submitted without a name or written in ink will receive a 30 point deduction.

Class Syllabus

Late assignments will result in a 10 point deduction each day for three days. After the third day, the maximum grade I will award is a 50.

Late Work:

All quizzes are daily grades and will be used to monitor progress on the objectives being taught. Quizzes will be given in both labs and core classes. Students will be expected to maintain a testing environment and refrain from talking during a quiz. Talking during a quiz will be considered cheating.


Class Work:

Unit Tests:

Unit tests will be given at the end of each unit.† Tests may include multiple choice and/or free response questions. If a student is not successful on the first attempt of a test, the students will be required to complete the appropriate corrections form in its entirety (including a parent signature) before he/she is given the opportunity to attempt a retest.†† If the student passes the retest, the average of the two grades is recorded unless the average is still below a 70%. In such a case, a 70% will be awarded because the student passed the retest. In the event the student fails both, the higher of the two will be recorded.

Students will be expected to maintain a testing environment and refrain from talking while testing. Talking during a test will be treated as cheating.