Mr.Blackburnís Math Class

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Be respectful of the teacher, other students, and yourself.

Enter the classroom prepared to learn.

Follow classroom procedures at all times.

Class Rules:

Class Syllabus

Students are expected to follow the student code of conduct in the student handbook and all other rules, guidelines, and policies outlined there. I will follow SST's discipline and positive reward system in addition to the classroom management system below.

 First Infraction: Verbal warning

 Second Infraction: DPS Points (Parent will be contacted)

 Third Infraction: Student/Teacher conference

 Fourth Infraction: Parent/Teacher conference

 Fifth Infraction: Saturday Detention of After-School Detention

Sixth Infraction: Office Referral

Behavior and Discipline:

Note: Students found bullying, using profane or derogatory language, being physical or verbally violent, endangering themselves or others, violating laws, committing Level II or Level III offenses according to the Parent/Student Handbook will bypass warnings and written conferences and be assigned DPS or have a referral written. Students in possession of electronic devices and cell phones will have their devices taken up in accordance with school policy. These devices will need to be picked up by a parent at the front office and a fine will be charged.