About Dr. Courchesne

Formerly a television news journalist and television producer and director, my life journey began in a newspaper teletype room ripping AP and UPI news and sports stories. From an opportunity to intern in the newsroom at the San Antonio ABC station, that lead to being asked to produce programming for an independent cable station, a few more productions under the belt and the broadcast consultant emerges. For over two and half decades producing, directing and editing a variety of video productions for profit and non-profit organizations presented a profitable stage for analog TV production with first generation digital animation abilities and non-linear editing systems. A brief stay to work at the NBC and CBS news affiliates, and then onward developing media expertise and strategies in helping a variety of business gain exposure in a digital world. 
Since 2003 my journey has taken me on a quest to teach students how to apply knowledge and better understand the media purpose. Earned an Associate's in Radio, Television & Film (2005) from San Antonio College, Bachelor's in Public Relations (2007), Master's in Interdisciplinary Studies (Journalism and Mass Communication/Career And Technology Education (2011), specialized in Latino media and leadership from Texas State University, and completed my education with a Doctorate in Computer Science concentrating in Emerging Media (2015) from Colorado Technical University. Specialized in brain-computer interface (BCI) systems, augmented-reality, artificial intelligence, mobile application, atomic precision manufacturing, semantic architecture and regenerative medicine, in hopes to earn the identity Professor C - the Complexity Scientist.

Dr. CourchesneRichard Courchesne