Ms.Lutka’s Class!

Days Late

Percent Grade


1 calendar day late

max. 10% of actual grade deducted.

100 recorded as 90

3 calendar days late

max. 20 % of actual grade deducted.

100 recorded as 80

5 calendar days late

max. 30 % of actual grade deducted.

100 recorded as 70

7 or more calendar days late

Incomplete- 0%

100 recorded as 0

Homework Policy

Text Box: School Rules

Be punctual- If you are late to class you become a disruption to other students.  There is also the possibility of missing valuable information (i.e. extra credit opportunity). 

Be respectful– Part of this course is shaping tomorrow’s citizens, so we must practice this daily. Respect is an important part of being a successful person and citizen and a lack of respect toward others will not be tolerated in the classroom.

Be prepared- Coming to class equipped with proper material ensures your participation in classroom activities and discussions.

Be effective – Listen to directions, cooperate, and have fun.  Your actions in class will directly affect your grade. 

Methods of Evaluation:

Student grades for this course are based upon the following criteria:

Major Grade  40%  ( tests, projects)

Daily Grade 60%    (Interactive notebook, quizzes, participation, homework,classwork)

Class Rules: