Ms. Ozkan

Course Description      

This course is designed for students beginning/ intermediate Turkish in middle and high school. The student uses visual cues and context to figure out what is being said. Repeated hearings and practice helps the student internalize the basic vocabulary.

This course is also designed for beginning students with little/no prior knowledge of the target language. Our objective is to get familiar with the Turkish sounding and obtain necessary vocabulary for higher levels. Oral participation in the target language is one of the most important components of this class.


Students will begin to talk about themselves and their preferences, activities, and interests in present/future/past time.

Specific goals include attaining at least a novice level of oral proficiency, or the ability to participate in basic conversations using learned material to handle simple needs and to express everyday courtesies. Students will get a “feel” for the Turkish-speaking world, grasp basic grammar concepts that will help in all future language study, develop good language study habits, and apply what has been learned about Turkish to English and other world languages.

Course Material

I am going to supply the necessary material that you need for class periods. We are going to use Acilim Turkce Ders Kitabi. Also we may refer to some online resources.

Supply List :

· One notebook/journal with 3 section dividers

· Section dividers:

· Bellwork

· Textbook and Grammar Notes

· Vocabulary

· One folder to keep materials in it

· Text Book – Acilim Ders Kitabi& Workbook

· Loose leaf paper

· Crayon/pencils

· Pens or pencils


                          High school                Middle school

Major Grade        60%                               40%   

 (includes  unit test (oral, written), projects)

Daily Grade​         40%                                60% 

(includes participation (speaking, collaboration and attitude) class activities ( oral, written), homework, quizzes.

Late work / Home work

1 calendar day late    -10%  

2 calendar days late   -20%  

3 calendar days late   -30%  

4 calendar days late    0  then make up work policy will be followed. 

Note: Participating to Turkish Olympiads is highly encouraged and students will get extra credit.


Make up/​Late Work: It is the student responsibility to consult with the teacher in a timely manner on making up incomplete assignments .Student can make up incomplete assignments within one week in the same quarter. Late work will not be accepted for full credit. (Except excused absent students)

Make Up Test​

Make up test is available for only excused absent students .It is the student responsibility to consult with teacher in a timely manner. Student can make up the major test within one week in same quarter.

In case of extenuating circumstances the teacher may make consideration.

Note taking

Students will be expected to take notes everyday during lectures, discussion and class activities. As a result note taking plays an important role in test/quiz performance. For sure, I am going to check and grade notebooks.


Any form of cheating in Turkish class will receive a zero; and if necessary, disciplinary action.

Seating Chart

There will be a certain seating chart in the Turkish classroom. The seating chart will be determined and changed by the teacher.

Class rules and expectations:

Bring paper/notebooks, pen/pencil, and books to class.

Turn in completed assignments on time.

Sit in your seat unless you have permission to leave it.

Do what your teacher says immediately.

Raise your hand and wait for permission to speak.

Do not bother or hurt others.

Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.

Be in your seat and ready to work when the bell rings.

Respect other people's property.

Seating charts will be arranged by your teacher.



Conference with student

Parent contact

Written assignment

Saturday detention

Referral to administration

Severe incidents will be directly referred to administration. All students have the total responsibility to face with the consequences if they don’t obey the rules.

Entering the Classroom Procedure


When enter the class;

1. Have your seat.

2. Pick up your handouts from the instructor (me).

3. Start doing that day`s bellwork.

Leaving the Classroom Procedure

When the bell rings, the students must not jump out of their seats and run to the door. Nobody can leave the classroom until the teacher dismisses the class. It is not the bell who dismisses the class, it’s the teacher. Before the students leave the class, they must make sure that:

1. Sit up and face forward

2. Clean your desk

3. Leave the classroom in an orderly fashion.

Please note that;

***This syllabus is subject to change at any time without notice***

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